The Gallerie Estensi was created by the ministerial decree No. 171 on the 29th of August 2014. The museum belongs to the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activity and Tourism (MIBACT) but it has been granted special autonomy and is formed by different institutions, namely the Galleria Estense, the Biblioteca Estense, the Lapidario Estense, the Palazzo Ducale of Sassuolo and the National Pinacoteca of Ferrara.

The Gallerie Estensi are led by an executive director. Other administrative bodies include: the Board of Directors, the Scientific Committee and the Board of Auditors. Their role is to steer and protect the museum’s mission, to monitor its financial solvency and efficiency of management, to oversee the scientific criteria of the museum’s program, the safekeeping of its collections, as well as the quality of the educational and promotional programs.

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