Explore the collections at the Museo Lapidario Estense

The museum is made up of twenty-three bays in the atrium and main quadriporticus of the Palazzo dei Musei. The 329 artefacts on display narrate an important period of local history, starting with the epigraphic samples from the Roman colony of Mutina. The strategic role of the colony in the political geography of the Republican and Imperial ages is documented by the thriving contemporary production of stelae and funerary monuments carved in specialised workshops. The funerary monuments of Pietro da Suzzara (1327) and Jacopino de’ Cagnoli (1345), as well as the important epigraphic monuments dedicated to the chronicler Tommasino de’ Lancelotti (1554) and the poets Ludovico Castelvetro and Alessandro Tassoni, lead us to the ducal period epitomised by the monumental public inscriptions once situated at the city gates.


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