• Gallerie Estensi

    M Bagnoli
    Martina Bagnoli
    059 4395719

    Martina Bagnoli is an art historian with more than twenty years of international experience. Born and raised in Italy, she completed her education abroad: first at the University of Cambridge where she earned a BA/MA and then at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where she obtained her PhD. A medieval art historian, she is the author of numerous publications. Before joining the Gallerie Estensi she was the Andrew W. Mellon Curator in Charge of Medieval Art and Manuscripts at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore where she curated a number of important exhibitions including: Treasures of Heaven: Relics, Saints and Devotion in Medieval Europe and A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe.

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    Administrative Director
    Luigi Tripodi
    059 4395752

    Luigi Tripodi obtained a degree in Economics at the University of Messina. He joined the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activity and Tourism soon after his degree, initially working as an administrative officer at the State Archives of Modena (December 1980 - November 2006). He went on to work at the Superintendence of Modena and Reggio Emilia where he took on the role of administrative director, a role which he kept at the new museum Gallerie Estensi – where he oversees financial and human resources administration.

  • battini
    Director of the Estense University Library
    Annalisa Battini
    059 4395751

    After her degree in Modern Literature from the University of Bologna, Annalisa Battini earned a diploma in Palaeography and Archival Studies from the State Archives of Modena and a Master’s degree in Library Science and Bibliography from the University of Parma. She has been at the Biblioteca Estense since 1980, where she has been in charge of cataloguing and archival research. She oversaw the Special collections reading room of the Biblioteca Estense up until 2006 and was subsequently in charge of the Department of Public Relations and customer services. She has been the director of the Biblioteca Estense since June 2015.

  • Collection Curators

    Antiquities and figurative arts from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
    Federico Fischetti
    059 4395738

    Federico Fischetti completed his education in Viterbo (Tuscia University) and Rome where he obtained the diploma from the Scuola di Specializzazione in Medieval and Modern art (Sapienza University of Rome, 2008). In 2011, he obtained his doctorate in the History of Art from the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, 2011. In 2012, he joined the staff of MiBACT joining the Soprintendenza for Beni Culturali for the Provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. at which time he was responsible for the cultural heritage of twenty districts in the province of Reggio Emilia, as well as curating the collections of seventh and eighth-century paintings at the Galleria Estense of Modena. He is the author of scientific studies and publications on the history of the conservation of artistic heritage and on Roman and Emilian painting from the 1600s.

  • toffanello
    Figurative arts from the fourteenth to the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries
    Marcello Toffanello
    0532 205844 (Ferrara); 059 4395717 (Modena)

    Marcello Toffanello joined the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activity and Tourism in 2012 when he filled the position of art historian for the Soprintendenza for Beni Culturali for the Provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Previously he held the position of Museology researcher at the TekneHub studio, University of Ferrara. He has studied at the University of Udine, Bologna and Chieti-Pescara where he earned a bachelor degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (1992), a master’s degree (1996) and finally a PhD in History of Art (2006). From 1994 to 1999 he was a curator for the Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries of Ferrara. He has curated and collaborated on various exhibitions of ferrarese renaissance and nineteenth-century painting, topics on which he has published a monograph (Le arti a Ferrara nel Quattrocento, Ferrara, EdiSai, 2010) and some thirty papers and articles.

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