Madonna and Child (Madonna Campori)

Antonio Allegri, detto il Correggio

Correggio, 1489 or 1494 – 1534


Oil on wooden panel, 58 x 45cm

Purchased in 1635 by Cardinal Campori for the chapel at Castello di Soliera near Mantua, the painting entered the collection of the Galleria Estense in 1894 through the bequest of the Marquis Giuseppe Campori. The work is usually dated around 1517-18 in the artist’s early period marked by the development of a new pictorial language. Inspired  by the art of Leonardo and Raphael, Correggio achieved  maturity of expression in the decoration of the Camera di San Paolo, Parma, in 1519. The loving, maternal gesture of the Virgin as she slightly bows her head to feed the Christ Child is rendered with exceptional naturalness and intensity, without lapsing into sentimentalism. The profound dialogue of their gazes is made complete by the delicate execution of gestures including caresses and the charming interaction of fingers in the foreground.