‘Sentenza contra Giesu Christo Salvator Nostro’

C. 221, C. 222, C. 223; Fondo Barelli

Modern print from woodcut matrix, 379 x 265 x 24mm; 379 x 265 x 24mm; 375 x 260 x 24mm

This woodcut belongs to the Pietro Barelli Collection, purchased by Adolfo Venturi in 1887 for the Galleria Estense. It depicts the moment when Jesus Christ was tried before Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin priests. The composition appears to show the narrative of the trial as it was recounted by the scroll discovered in L’Aquila in 1580, considered to be the ‘original sentence’ by contemporary society. From a figurative point of view, the three parts of the matrix seem to have been indirectly inspired by Flemish painter Maerten de Vos (1532-1603), whose painted interpretation of the religious scene was reproduced in copper plate form by A. Collaert (1560-1618).